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WeAr Select London


Why do we need WeAr Select?

Today, the competition is not between one fashion brand/show/store against the other but fashion against other industries, mainly communication. Modern communication such as computers, smart phones, mobile contracts and other industries use up a lot of the budget at the consumer's disposal. Fashion no longer has the same relevance in consumer spending today as it had in past decades. This is because there is a lack of 'must have trends'. If we all work together to identify, manifest and communicate these 'must have trends' we will all profit individually. This is why WeAr Select is not another simple fashion fair but an innovative trend, brand and art event.

What is the added value for exhibitors?

WeAr Select will be the first combination of a physical fashion trade show with a global leading B2B fashion publication. WeAr Magazine is published in 8 languages and distributed to over 50 countries. This means that besides getting the opportunity to physically exhibit and meet buyers in person, we will transport the show digitally and in print to relevant global buyers whom we know due to the contacts of our global magazines.

How exactly does that work?

During the show in London we will professionally photograph items from each exhibitor’s collection. Every exhibitor will get at least one item published, often more. We will then create a digital Lookbook in the famous WeAr style and send this about two weeks after the show to the relevant buyers. This way they can recall the show one more time or receive all vital information presented at the show if they were not able to attend in person. WeAr global magazine will also publish a “Best of WeAr Select“ special in its March 2016 printed global magazine which will be published in all 8 language editions. That way, the message from the exhibitors will be received by the important buyers and the media value that exhibitors receive from this exposure in WeAr magazine will outreach the exhibitors’ costs associated with the entire show. This makes exhibiting at WeAr Select a secure investment, which will pay off immediately.

Why are the dates so early?

As WeAr Select is a revolutionary new concept, one of our aims is to give visitors added value, as well as well-selected brands and talents from around the world. To get an in-depth knowledge about upcoming trends and see how trends are manifesting among end-consumers is key to making any order decisions. This event will provide vital information to buyers, which they can use to make ordering a more secure and informed process.

Will brands have their collections ready for these early dates?

Yes – by this point in the season, brands will at the very least have their key story or some ‘hero pieces’ ready. WeAr Select’s mission is for buyers to gain a quick overview of interesting collections - this also enables brands to find new buyers. It is all about selection and easy visual access for buyers. We at WeAr Select pre-select the brands according to their relevance and creativity and the brands again have to curate their key items, so that a buyer can see at one glance the brand’s creativity and story. That way, buyers can make appointments with those brands later, meet in showrooms or at other bigger trade shows. As the market changes drastically, the order rhythm is increasing. Every brand has to be quicker, thus to have items ready to indicate the brand’s direction will not be a problem for any professional brand.

What trends can you see at this early stage?

First of all you can see the key stories and hero pieces of every brand at one glance as described above. Instead of being overwhelmed by thousands of exhibiting brands with hundreds of pieces, buyers will be able to get the most important trends at one glance. Further, you will be able to see everything to do with store-design, colour forecasting and the first menswear, womenswear and footwear trends. Plus, other relevant mega-trends that can be seen on the horizon. Our collaboration with the world’s leading trend forecast service WGSN will secure further outlining of important trends that nobody can afford to miss.

Can you provide a list of confirmed brands/attendees?

Rest assured that there will be enough interesting and high-end brands exhibiting with WeAr Select and relevant buyers from outside the UK, including from Europe, Asia and the U.S., will also attend the show. We have been in the market with a leading global magazine for over a decade, and are even published in Japanese, Mandarin and Russian among other languages. We know the brands and we know the buyers. We will make sure that buyers will come.

We are certain, because they expressed high interest right at the beginning due to their loyalty to the magazine - a big thank you to those - and also because they have helped develop this concept and really need it. On top of the above, we have teamed up with WGSN to do a remarkable trend event ahead of the season tailored to buyers’ needs. The combination of our global group (which not only publishes WeAr magazine but also trend information books such as WeAr Ready Made) and WGSN - the leading global online trend forecaster, will give buyers such an added value that they will be able to make their buying decision more secure. They would even attend the event without the brands to get this vital information.

Is this an event for professional buyers?

Yes it will be. Some of the most important global buyers such as Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Net à Porter and many more are based in London. London Collections: Men, which grows at a fantastic rate and takes place at the same time, will draw further buyers in. Other international buyers can easily fly in via London on their way to other relevant trade events.

Can the show work for brands if they need their collection one day later in Florence for Pitti Uomo?

Absolutely. WeAr Select closes Sunday at 7pm. We have chartered two cargo planes and will fly the collection for those who need them and request this extra service directly to Pitti and deliver it Monday directly to the fair ground in person.

Why was my application rejected?

The venue space is very high-end and unfortunately that means limited space. It was chosen to make the selection process for buyers easier and more convenient whilst at the same time give each brand good visibility. Unfortunately the downside is that some brands will not be able to find space. However each brand that will not find space will be kept in mind by the organizers and high consideration will be placed on them for the next show in summer 2016.

What has art got to do with WeAr Select?

WeAr Select will dedicate parts of its exhibition space to art. This will support established and up-and-coming artist. Galleries with artists will be included in a separate exhibition space. The idea is to create a hub where fashion brands and artists/galleries can interact and hopefully built new business relationships.

Who do I contact with questions?

Contact Shamin Vogel via +44 0207 4604655 or email sv@wearselectlondon.com
Her job is to serve and assist.